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Sexual Assault

What It Means to Be Charged with a Sexual Assault

Being accused of sexual assault not only has legal implications, but can also profoundly impact the lives of persons charged and their families. If convicted of a sexual offence, the individual will be subject to a DNA order, weapons prohibition order, and the Sexual Offender Information Registration Act which requires the individual to report to a registration centre following the SOIRA order and then annually. There are further requirements including the reporting of a change of address or being absent from your residence for 7 consecutive days or more. In addition, a conviction for a sexual offence may affect your employment and your ability to travel.

Sexual Assault Defence

With 30 years of defending clients charged with sexual assault offences, Francesca has developed the experience and knowledge to provide a skilled and dynamic defence for your case. Francesca has represented individuals charged with nearly every variation of sexual offences including:

Francesca is routinely sought after by other lawyers to consult and provide strategy in defending sexual assault cases.

Francesca draws upon experts in many fields including forensic scientists, private investigators and technologists to investigate the case and uncover evidence that can be used to cross-examine complainants including providing evidence of false allegations.

Seek Legal Counsel Immediately

If you are facing charges of a sexual nature, it is important for you to speak with experienced legal counsel. Contact Francesca Yaskiel today to discuss your case.